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Common Kingfisher

Just a bird, will continue to inspire me when thinking of watches. Strangely enough.

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Old favorite from  a project together with John Öhman, making a new packaging concept for seeds. So, an instant "growitti" effect, buy the seed together with some soil and fertilizer, just drop it anywhere and watch it grow. We envisioned a city sprawling not with skyscrapers and cool people in clean coffeeshops, but a city sprawling with plants and life. I don't know exactly why the Pillman was drawn, though, and there seems to be a bit of a discrepancy between his person and the concept itself. But I like him a lot, and I wish I was him.

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Monkey death’s head

Incredibly spur-of-the-moment drawing. Somewhere around 2003, I think. No further explanation available,  I'm afraid...

/ C

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Trial face upload

An old face I drew some years ago, never finalised in any media, though I think it might have a sketch twin in Photoshop on Wacom. At the time, me and art were no friends. Everything seemed like shit, and eventually turned into. Nowadays, I can appreciate this kind of childish sketch, though I don't know what good it can do me. I will have this as an example to be deleted when some more stuff is up.

/ Christian

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