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First watch design -08

The Congo was my first. It will probably be my last and my everything, at least if Barry has his will. Well, back in late 2008, early 2009, i created this very watch (on paper, on paper, on paper, I am still amazed that people sometimes ask me if I have made the real thing - do you know how much time and effort and foremost, money that goes into creating a watch???).

It was meant for my portfolio for applying Konstfack "Form Giving Intelligence" - which is their industrial design branch. The Congo is made from only local Congo-basin materials. It is a back-and-forth-reasoning with what is goodness, and what is pure exploitation, and what is just tasteless?

The Congo is made from steel (recycled probably) and it is dirty. It has cuts at 60-15-30-45 minutes made by machete. The strap is from natural caouthouc, the dial is hardwood. Other details include a ruby. The rotor for the automatic movement is made from human bone.

It has been a while since this was conceived, and a lot has happened with my thoughts regarding what stories a watch can carry. But this one piece of timekeeping equipment keeps occupying my thoughts.

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