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The Muskox

Working on a project with watches. My own brand, unfunded. The brand concept is in a very intense phase of being developed and rewritten and questioned. Info will appear. If you are interested in coughing up USD 25000 or more feel free to contact me.

This is the first of ten, this is a seventies-smelling diver, with some updates and most importantly adapted to the SII NH25 movement. It started out as a chronograph but is now a 200 mwr diver's watch. 44 mm without crown.

Early train of thought, the high profile and curvature works well here. Let's take this further.

A little more sleekness added, and the indices are put on the chapter ring. Too plain.

Desired information structure: External: Bezel, dial, crown. Internal: Hands first, then sub-dial hands, and date.

Different case sketches and dial layouts.

Very early and later forgotten case cut. Bezel cuts are kept for later designs.

This is the desired bezel design. Straight, high, haptile and tactile.

Exploratory working sketch. Trying bezel cuts. This is a desired expression for the case.

This is even better, considering... the most recent sketch turned out. There are of course things about this to like, but it's no arctic mountain range any more. Give me edges and hard cuts. And a very structural dial. Back to the drawing board. Wait! Oh, the bezel. It's perfect. I want to touch it. And I want this watch to be a watch to have on in a blizzard. Sans vetéments.

To be continued /// C

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