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Here is another load of pictures from the project I am currently working on. The abbreviation NS is for Northern Standard - working title for the project. I picture a line-up of three series of watches, the Z, the D, and the C.

The Z's are tool watches in all the aspects of the word. The D's are Dress watches. And the C are dressy sports watches. As simple as that.

Pictured here is an early Blancpain ripoff, now mostly used as a study to see how different lugs meet different expressions and take part in creating them. If this one sees the light of day, it will be heavily altered and it wil be in the far future. It fits no category either. My watches have to look like they couldn't have been shaped in any other way. This one doesn't fit the bill.

Also an early thought. This was before I settled on a sub-USD1000 retail price limit. The big crown, Mudman-style and the knurled bezel grip, these I like, but they are transferred into other models instead.

A very different animal, thought to shape the "D" line. Needs a lot of work, since it is so simple. Would love to refine this little beauty though.

When the Tudor Heritage Chrono was released, I realized that a motor chrono doesn't have to be a juvenile creation. Of course there was the Daytona to prove me wrong, but most of the time I don't listen to Rolex. This motorsports chrono is very down-to-earth and simple, but the lugs will be something a little different. Also, the relationship between indices and hands are important. I aim on giving them a very refined edge.

The combat/trek watch, which I ache to continue with as soon as possible. This is a very muscular watch, and the drawings here don't reflect the thickness I aim to give this one. Great thickness is needed to reflect its durability. As in the AD watch, the importance of hard cuts and sharp lines cannot be overestimated. At night, I secretly plan how this one will look. It is derived from another watch...

...namely the skippers chrono. Here you can't really distinguish between the two, that's right, but they are of different species nowadays. The AD is also from the same curvature. I save this one for the future, though, but keep stealing ideas from it.

Pictured here is a reworking of the Seiko Prospex "Tuna Can Diver". It is currently second in line after the AD, but now with a vertical and wholly cylindrical case cut. I want to rework the Tuna Can for it being the perfect divers watch, but I want to make this my own design, skipping the "shroud" construction and keeping it simple regarding water rating specs. I still want it to land somewhere around USD700 in retail. I will add an illustration with different slopes of case to show you the relationship between these models (except the dressy one) should the drawings not suffice.

Not shown here is the various incarnations of cross-breeds I have produced lately, and the Albatros aviators watch. I am ready to skip that kind of category. It will however leak into the others. I have a vague idea of how to cut costs when constructing cases, which if it works will allow me to use parts of the same case for very different watches. The pressing matter to solve is the magic size if every watch is going to be compatible with its siblings (and Seiko SKX...).

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The Muskox

Working on a project with watches. My own brand, unfunded. The brand concept is in a very intense phase of being developed and rewritten and questioned. Info will appear. If you are interested in coughing up USD 25000 or more feel free to contact me.

This is the first of ten, this is a seventies-smelling diver, with some updates and most importantly adapted to the SII NH25 movement. It started out as a chronograph but is now a 200 mwr diver's watch. 44 mm without crown.

Early train of thought, the high profile and curvature works well here. Let's take this further.

A little more sleekness added, and the indices are put on the chapter ring. Too plain.

Desired information structure: External: Bezel, dial, crown. Internal: Hands first, then sub-dial hands, and date.

Different case sketches and dial layouts.

Very early and later forgotten case cut. Bezel cuts are kept for later designs.

This is the desired bezel design. Straight, high, haptile and tactile.

Exploratory working sketch. Trying bezel cuts. This is a desired expression for the case.

This is even better, considering... the most recent sketch turned out. There are of course things about this to like, but it's no arctic mountain range any more. Give me edges and hard cuts. And a very structural dial. Back to the drawing board. Wait! Oh, the bezel. It's perfect. I want to touch it. And I want this watch to be a watch to have on in a blizzard. Sans vetéments.

To be continued /// C

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Technologic finishing

The pre-study (not that I do pre-studies as a habit) for another drawing, that is now lost (believe me, a lot of things are lost), but I think this study has a lot more going for it. It is very phallic, but enigmatic in its functions, and I like the finish. It is a spacebar of a drawing, but the colours still make me want to draw. And that's a good thing. Executed in marker, crayons, pastel and bic - round 2004.

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Common Kingfisher

Just a bird, will continue to inspire me when thinking of watches. Strangely enough.

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Old favorite from  a project together with John Öhman, making a new packaging concept for seeds. So, an instant "growitti" effect, buy the seed together with some soil and fertilizer, just drop it anywhere and watch it grow. We envisioned a city sprawling not with skyscrapers and cool people in clean coffeeshops, but a city sprawling with plants and life. I don't know exactly why the Pillman was drawn, though, and there seems to be a bit of a discrepancy between his person and the concept itself. But I like him a lot, and I wish I was him.

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Monkey death’s head

Incredibly spur-of-the-moment drawing. Somewhere around 2003, I think. No further explanation available,  I'm afraid...

/ C

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Trial face upload

An old face I drew some years ago, never finalised in any media, though I think it might have a sketch twin in Photoshop on Wacom. At the time, me and art were no friends. Everything seemed like shit, and eventually turned into. Nowadays, I can appreciate this kind of childish sketch, though I don't know what good it can do me. I will have this as an example to be deleted when some more stuff is up.

/ Christian

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This is the portfolio of Christian Gustafsson - where the works and sometimes thoughts of the man himself will be published. If you are patient enough, you will soon be able to view almost everything there is to see.

I am learning as I do it  /// Christian

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